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Behind Honse is me, Moa, a 30 year old Swede with little to no regard for norms and traditions. I’ve been an avid crocheter since I could pick up a hook, and a crochet pattern designer since the summer of 2020. The love of shapes and colors and our way of putting them together on our bodies has been with me longer than Honse and before I became a full time fibre nerd with my head, heart and hands full of yarn and patterns, I’ve worked in the fashion industry, both in retail sales and personal shopping, as well as a stylist.


The dream of owning a yarn store has been present for as long as I can remember, as it combines my passion for fluffy, fashion forward things with my love of meeting people. Honse is not only a place to get your pattern and yarn needs met, but also a playful, vibrant space to make any yarn creation you could imagine. I have a firm belief that crafting should be done heart first and tongue in cheek and my goal is to provide you with the tools to do so. 

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